Spring Yard Work

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring is feeling somewhat delayed around here, but we know it's coming.

I'm so anxious to get digging in my gardens...get working on my flower beds.

First things first,though...
cleaning up the hack job that the plow drivers the City of Burnsville hires left behind.

Does anyone else's sidewalk look like this?

The worst part is, they came through and tore up this mess on a day when yes, 
we got many inches of snow...
that all melted the next day.
 Trying to dig up this dirt is a lot heavier, a lot harder than it looks.

And then what in the hell do you do with all of this when you do get it shoveled out, leveled off, raked up? 

Thanks City Plow Drivers...
We had nothing better to do anyway!
::grumble grumble::

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