Track and Field - Lakers Style

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The kids convinced me that they should sign up for track this spring season.

What a great idea, I agreed!

Meets on Saturday mornings, or in case of rain outs, Sundays.
A couple of weeknight practices here and there - 
we can fit that in!

Things aren't always what they appear to be, however.
I think it's safe to say this was our first and last attempt at track season.

You know how people tell you it's cold and windy and wet at those meets?
Yeah, x10.
They weren't lyin'!

I couldn't even get a decent shot of them together!

Dad & Derek trying to soak up some of the warm sun...

He sure had a great time, though, this one.

Pal'n around with is buddies.

When one thinks of running, and track events...
I don't know...I thought, exercise, sweat....
Nope...chilly chilly!

Probably should push the team and individual pictures out a little bit into the season, as April isn't always too nice here in Minnesota.

But never mind that, the kids fared pretty well out there!

The kids did have some fun...
We had many cancellations on our schedule, and despite what the schedule before the season said, 
we did not have make up track meets.
Sort of a bummer when you pay up front for something and it's not what you get... live and you learn.

It was fun to try it out, to experience something new.
We can say we did...

And we have a few souvenirs to prove it!

If they ask about it next year...
I don't know what I'll say...

We love meeting new people, trying new things...
Some things we throw at the wall and they stick...
other things, we simply look back on and say...
Been there, done that...
Never Again!

Time will tell on this venture...

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