MotorSport Labs Ferrari and/or Lambo Experience!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Everyday, random offers come through my email.
Dozens of them, actually.

Generally, I delete.

But one in particular caught my attention...

The MotorSport Labs Ferrari and/or Lambo Experience.

(Hello! Is it just me or are cell phone cameras getting better and better every day?
Wow! That red color just POPS!)

As an avid car guy, I knew this was something my hubs would enjoy.
Who wouldn't?

I jumped the gun, purchased the deal, and we surprised the hubs with an early Father's Day gift.

He loved the idea!

We asked a few friends if they were interested in joining us, but no one would commit.

The timing wasn't fab, as it was the 4th of July weekend, here in Minnesota, where we cherish our summer weekends, but we later learned that's the one weekend out of the year they can get the track at the college, vs. being in some random parking lot, so it works out much better for them, and for those wanting to drive the cars!

*** I will not lie. Reading through the fine print, the waivers, the disclaimers, the online reviews...GAH! ***

 I about gave myself a heart attack. WHAT HAVE I DONE??? What if he crashes and we end up with a giant bill we can't afford, or...::gulp:: worse?

I ***ALMOST*** forfeited the deal and skipped out on it. ***

But alas...we rolled the dice.

It was a beautiful, foggy morning when we arrived.
If that sounds weird, I get it...but something about being on a race track, with some small rolling hills, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in sports cars shining on the track, in the early morning fog...
it was pretty cool.

The cars, even though I know they've been through the ringer and back, looked great on the track.

I made the hubs pose for a few hundred photos - because really, when will we ever do this again?

We weren't sure which car he'd get, knowing only that we signed up for a Lambo ~ 

I was thrilled when he got the gray one - I loved it far more than the flashy yellow!

The driving Sherpa's take you for a spin first, so you can see what you need to see.

Hand controls, and what not...

And then it was his turn to take a spin...

And just like that - GONE!


While nerve wracking, in more ways than one - this was a great experience for us.
I say us, because while he did the driving, I was the one fretting on the sidelines, thinking that I might have bought the worse gift ever. 

I'm happy to report that wasn't true!
It was overall a great experience.

A chance to sit front and center, and actually drive a car that many of us only dream about.

That's a pretty spectacular way to spend a Sunday morning, if you ask me!

Happy Father's Day, Rob~!
Maybe one day, we'll have our own little toy car, that's not a little toy car?

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