Talking Rocks Cavern - Branson, Missouri

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our family recently ventured to Branson, Missouri - 
with a vacation of sorts in mind, but mostly...
We wanted to visit Grandma, who moved to that area several months ago.

While we weren't sure what to expect from Branson, for example, what is fun for our kids to do there, at just 7 & 8 years old...
We both needed and wanted this to be fun filled for everyone.

Since we opted not to take in any shows while in Branson, I felt like we HAD to do something.


Literally, enter it!
We popped over to Talking Rocks Cavern, 
just a couple of miles down the road from the awesome resort we stayed at...
And behind this little door in the back of their main building...

We entered into a crazy, underground world!

These pictures will not do this Cave any sort of justice...but trust me when I say, it was spectacular!
(If you visit their website, their photos are better than mine!)

Somehow, as I've gotten older, 
I don't have the same daring nature and adventurous spirit I did when I was younger.
Things that normally seemed all awesome and exciting give me a hint of pause,
 and, well, maybe even a bit of anxiety! GAH!
I was a little nervous going in...
Feeling a little, claustrophobic, if you will?

This is the trail and steps doing through the cavern.

It was pretty wet in here as well, as there had been lots and lots of rain in the area.

It's hard to wrap your head around the fact that a long time ago...
Some kid just lowered himself into a hole in the ground, and discovered this!

How amazing is that?

The whole family had fun exploring the depths of this cave, on our guided tour...
Even if one of us (not me!) got a little nervous and had to head back up top for a short while.

The amazing staff at Talking Rocks Cavern talked her us into heading back underground and finishing the tour, and I'm forever grateful.
It was such a cool experience!


Unknown said...

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