Hailey's 9th Birthday Party!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just like that.


I was pretty sure we were going to skip the whole birthday party thing this year, 
and just simply celebrate HER, with her, and with maybe a good friend or two...

But...when it's just us, and we're all we've got...
It's hard not to do things big! Or at least extra special!


Like we needed cupcakes AND cake, but, we did! Didn't we?

Dad and his best girl, on her big day.
(God Bless the Dad, who was a tremendous help with this party!! Frosting, gems, glue!!)

So...celebrating ~ 
What can you do for your 9 year old girl's birthday party, 
that hasn't been done time and time again?

Something fun, something special...

Well, you invite your friend Jess over from Everyday O'Cakesions!

Jess did EVERYTHING - and all I had to do was supply the space, and the party go-ers!
Because our space is pretty small - we only invited 5 friends, for a total of 6 little cake decorators!

Each girl got her own individual cake to decorate ~ 

And how FUN were these buttercream colors???

so so sooo fun!

The girls were so very excited - and Jess got right to work decorating with them.

So much concentration as they followed her instructions carefully.

See the green turtle resting on the top of this one?

It was so much fun to see the smiles on the girls' faces while they made masterpieces!

Every cake, as unique as the child creating it.

It was something very different, very fun.
Something I highly recommend, if you are looking for something to do for a unique birthday party!

Decorating your own cake, AND...what else? 

An apron of course!
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