Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

One of the billions of things I love about the school my kids attend - 
is the fact that they can dress up for Halloween!

Remember the days of the Halloween Costume Parades when we were kids??

That said, it puts a little bit of extra pressure on a 'holiday' that I already don't love - 
I mean, the kids have to have something cool to wear, don't they?

We could not find ANYTHING - 
so, Amazon to the rescue - and she made a pretty adorable little gypsy pirate girl.

D - well, he settled on a $7 mask and an old hockey jersey...
Clean for school - works for me.
(even if I do hate masked costumes the most! HA!)

I caught this photo of him helping a buddy get settled into his costume.

The hubs and I both volunteered at school for the parties - 
only, they were at the same time - so we had to divide and conquer - 

Here's D's 2nd grade class!


 And meanwhile - the entire 3rd grade class - who just like last year, as 2nd graders, 
had the most amazingly orchestrated party put together for them!


 While I'm not a fan of Halloween - for as long as my kiddos love it - 
I'll get as into it as they need me to.

Besides, I love love love seeing all of the different costumes!

That home made minion costume was the BEST! EVER!

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