Haul-o-Ween 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

We love Halloween around here - well, I don't, typically...
but the kids sure do, and so, for them - I help them celebrate as best I can! 

We have so much neighborhood fun on Halloween!~

This year was no exception - 

Even our friends the police showed up!~
Just saying hi...which I love!
I love their presence in the neighborhood.

Thankfully they were gone by the time our kids got too unruly - 
TP'ing the neighbors house! 

(Such a bummer that the neighbor cleaned it up before our kids did! They TOTALLY planned on cleaning up this mess...but had such a fun time making it, even though they knew the expectation was they had to clean it all up if they did it.)
This is the stuff that memories are made of!

And the haul?
Dear Lord, that HAUL!

The kids and their buddy from down the block spread it all out and made some trades - 
I love their ingenuity!

What will their dentist say?

Aye. Aye.


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