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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It seems like forever ago, that I shared with you our very rotten deck....
We're like, one month into winter and it seems like light years ago that we were outside with the warm sun shining on our backs.

Anyhoo - 
This is where I left off?

Our amazing contractor cleaned up the big fat mess we had going on - 

And built this big old platform that would soon become our new deck!

I had some crazy be careful what you wish for buyer's remorse...
is this thing too damn big for our house?

New footings...

The process took forever - but isn't that the way all home improvement projects go?
Over time, over budget?

It was worth it.
13 years I've we've waited for this thing - 

It's gorgeous!

Fall showed up with winter right behind her - 
So we didn't get very far on the lights this season - 
A couple of stair lights for now, as we ponder what else to do for lighting...




I wish we wouldn't of waited so long!
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