Build a Bear Workshop - Mall of America Birthday Treat!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

We've successfully avoided this place...for the last 9 years, until now!

oh sure, we've been in...we've window shopped, we've watched others 

But until now...
We've never had our very own turn!

With a gift card in tow from Grandma, she couldn't of been more excited!

A Monday night visit meant we had the place all to ourselves!

Hails selected her very special bear, 
and go to work - 

The whole process was pretty quick and painless ~ 

And the finished product?
Officer Beary?

How adorable is this?

I don't know why we never went there before, but it was a perfect gift
 and first experience for our girl.

She will treasure this always.

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Mary said...

I would have avoided this place too, but the twins got wedding dressed bears as gifts for being in a wedding and we ended up getting a few more outfits. Zoe got a gift card for Christmas Thu year so she'll be making a new one too...she is very excited :)

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