Heel Pain in Adolescents - Ouch!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

So, this very over-active boy of ours has been complaining of foot pain/heel pain off and on for quite some time. Some days, it gets so bad, he ends up limping around. I asked one of the MD's at work (a Podiatrist) about it, and she thought it could maybe be 

calcaneal apophysitis - growing pains - basically.

With some insert and icing recommendations, I was hoping we were set.

Fast forward a month or two later...
And we find ourselves at the doctor (the same one...) just to be sure.

His first xrays, not counting teeth.
Who knew we'd make it to 8+ years old for that!
Go team!
Never mind that high deductible health care plan we have...blerg...
When your kid is in pain...you pony up and go to the doctor.

What did the xrays show?
Well, disconnected growth plates.

Looks painful, no?
Well, it is.

Poor kid.

Turns out, it's normal. Some kids feel it, some kids don't.
Overactive kids feel it more than not-so-active kids.
Hockey. Baseball. Running, Bike Riding. Track Events.
Yep...This kid never stops.

Supposedly this will bond together between the ages of 8-14.
Here's hoping it's closer to the 8 than the 14.

For now, we're doing the ice, and are on our 2nd set of inserts, as the first set were a bust.
Always learning something, aren't we, as parents?

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