On the Road Again, with Skippy Singles!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Remember last year when I shared with you my BRILLIANT! (if I do say so myself!) 
snack for baseball season?

(for many kids, too many kids, it's ALL about the snacks!)

Who brought the snack? 
What's for snack?
Can I have my snack now?

Herding cats...
& Snacks....

Anyway - 
What a FUN way to change it up, no?

Well, now it's March! We are fast approaching another season of baseball & softball in our house, 
and we just wrapped up Spring Break! 

All the running, all the time!

Protein is known to keep you fuller, longer – 
 SKIPPY® Singles are a no-brainer to bring along with us, whether we are headed around town, or around the state.

Great with your favorite finger foods, at our house, we use pretzels, apple slices, celery & baby carrots, most often, these self-serve cups have up to nine grams of protein, giving us a satisfying snack that’ll last longer than the space between the next are we there yet? 

They aren't just for the kiddos - 
I've been loving having these in my desk at the office for those days I just cannot get away because of meeting, after meeting, after meeting.

Have you used Skippy Singles?
What is/would be your favorite way to enjoy them?

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