#shareacoke Family Fun Day!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Imagine our surprise when on a recent trip to Valley Fair, 
we were able to put our very own names on Coke Cans for their #shareacoke campaign!

One of us sees his name on coke cans from time to time, 
and one of us has seen his nickname on coke cans quite a bit...
but to have our very own!

Well, that was something! 

Because it was also the week of our 11 year wedding anniversary, 
I put just the two of us together...


Family Fun Day
Family Selfies aren't so easy when you are each holding 2 cans of soda!
Friends, when you see people taking family photos like this, offer to snap one or two for them!
I do it all the time, it'll make their day, I promise!

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