Monarch Mania in Minnesota #GustGardens

Sunday, August 9, 2015

It's strange to grasp the concept of Monarchs on the decline - 
when we have hundreds of eggs being laid on our milkweed right here in our backyard.

Here is one of many plates of Monarch eggs that we brought in from the garden.

Can you see the tiny white dots?
 Milkweed doesn't have to be ugly.
My Swamp Milkweed flowers up every so nicely, and the Monarchs have been LOVING it!
 Every day these guys are spinning cocoons....

Sometimes it's in their habitat I have created for them to be safe...
And other times, they've managed to get out and find a place they like better somewhere inside my house! ACK! 

Off the counter, under the table, on the patio curtain!
 Other times, just on some of their milkweed stalks...

We've released upwards of 200 already this season, right here in our backyard in Minnesota!

Now if I could just figure out what this Swallowtail guy is going to do!



Anonymous said...

Amazing. Next year I'll manage to come by and get some milkweed. This year we ordered a cup of 'pillars. They should emerge next week! -Becky

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