Photo Fun with Pixie's Photography - Boudoir Shoot in the Twin Cities! $149!

Monday, March 7, 2016

One thing I am working on this year, is saying NO, more.
I find myself tired, frazzled, and worn down, before I even hit week's end, and that's no good for anyone.

One way to curb that, is to stop agreeing to so many things.
I'm getting better at that, and trying to spend a night or two with no outside commitments, just me, and my family.

I was recently invited to a little get together with some local folks, some I knew, some I didn't....

and while it was tempting to say NO...
I found myself disappointed when the first date set, didn't work for me.

When the next date came, though it wasn't ideal...
I knew I had to commit.

For me.

Stepping, literally, a bit out of my comfort zone.

The two women behind Pixie's Photography could not have made this experience any easier.
They were laid back, welcoming, professional, and so. much. FUN!

From helping to get our hair and make up just right....

To making sure we were in the most flattering of poses...

Boudoir photos can be super scary, but they don't have to be.
Feeling beautiful isn't just for the size zeros of the world.
You can get amazing photos with your clothes on! 
I did!!

Getting some beauty sleep will help you look well rested...I am at a major cross roads in my life, so while this might not be the best time to be doing a photo shoot like this, (hello, not sleeping well, panic attacks and anti anxiety meds!) 
this means that this was also the best time to be doing a photo shoot like this!

Who doesn't want a little help finding some beauty in themselves?

Friends, if you've ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot, I encourage you to do so.
NOW is the time.

Not when you are sleeping better. 
Not when you lose 10 or 20 or 40 pounds. 

Stop waiting for someday, grab life by the horns, and do it!

Pixie's Photography is offering a Silver Package to our readers:
Choice of Wardrobe
Choice of Set
Professional Hair, Make Up and Lashes (oh, how I LOVED MY LASHES!!)
Multiple Guided Poses
Approximately 50 proofs to choose from, including their 11x17 12 month/6 photo calendar (a $155 value by itself!!)
for just $149.00
USE CODE FEB161 when you call!

This would've been a fantastic way to celebrate my big milestone birthday last year, a party with some girlfriends in the Pixie's Photography Studio, getting dolled up and taking turns going behind the curtain for a photo shoot! 
So. Much. Fun!

I'm glad I was able to do this mini - shoot, and I cannot wait to go back and have more time, more ME time, in a full on session. It was nice being doted on, if you will.
... sitting back and being taken care of... 
Having these amazing women bring out the beauty that is within all of us.

Mine gets buried under my jeans and my hoodies and my messy bun, day after day after day....
Next time, I'm booking for a morning session, so I can have the great natural lighting AND go all around town the rest of the weekend, wearing those amazing eye lashes! 

Here's an outtake that a friend snapped on my cell phone during my shoot - 
Thanks, Kate! For everything!!

$149.00 for a Silver Package...What are you waiting for?  
Call the girls behind Pixie's Photography.

You won't regret it!

Friends, I loved my lashes so much, I kept them on and wore them to Como Zoo Field trip with the 3rd grade class the next day! HA HA! Sadly, they fell off the next night! 

Several friends have reached out to me, privately, with questions, after seeing my pictures on Instagram and on Facebook. Please don't hesitate to ask, if you have any other questions about the process, or if you want me to come along!

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*** In exchange for sharing about my experience with you, dear readers, I was treated to a fun night at Pixie's Photography. Purchasing any portraits from my mini-shoot will be at my expense...and for my eyes only! HA HA! ***


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