A long long time ago...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Well, it seems like a long time ago but it was only a couple of weeks ago - hard to believe it was still January but it was. It was so very nice outside on a Sunday afternoon the kids and I went outside to play and use their new snowman making kit they got from Dan and Leann for Christmas. It was actually warm and Hailey wore just a sweatshirt - our little man of course didn't want to keep his mittens on but did pretty good. We had some good fun and I can't wait to do it again soon if the temps ever go above ZERO degrees! This weekend they are actually forecasting temps near 30 - which is 45 degrees warmer than the highs from last weekend! Hip Hip Hurray!

Check out our little man standing like a little show off during our snowman making fun - one would never know he prefers to walk on his knees!!

AND - That IS a giant plastic carrot that is SUPPOSED to be a snowman nose but little miss innocent kept trying to jam it into the lower portion of the snowman because that's how far she could reach...YIKES!!


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