Oprah - Here we come!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Well, we had a beautiful weekend - it started with both kids falling asleep at 7 pm on Friday night - AND STAYING asleep!! Whoo hoo! Rob and I were able to watch a movie on Friday night from start to finish - almost unheard of in our house. As you may or may not know, a movie really loses something when you have to hit pause 47 times to get from start to finish. We both actually stayed awake for it and enjoyed our date night - (though it consisted only of a movie not dinner and a movie or even a movie and ice cream!) Baby steps. Baby steps.

Saturday Auntie Christy and Madison came up and babysat for us while we did our annual Progressive Dinner with our neighbor friends. As is tradition - six couples venture from house to house to house enjoying in great food and great conversation. This year didn't disappoint as we enjoyed Flank Steaks, twice baked potatoes, EXCELLENT veggies, etc etc. It was all excellent. To cap off the night we six ladies filled out an application for a "neighborhood makeover" to be on the Oprah show. We wrote it over a few cocktails so wish us luck that we are chosen to be made over on Oprah! How cool would that be!
I wish I had a picture to post as we had every intention of getting some group photos on Saturday night - we did finally settle on taking one when O calls us as no one had a camera ready to go and I had already been home and back and forgotten mine a second time!! I was definately regretting my five beers as I had the world's worst headache before morning even broke. I am soo out of shape for going out! Derek slept in til 5:20 and thankfully after keeping him in our bed for about an hour and a half Rob got up with him and let me stay in bed for an hour! I really really needed it! It was fun to go out but will be more fun when the little man sleeps in a little bit!

Sunday was a gorgeous day weather wise but we didn't do much but visit Ryan and Alicia and take a trip to Sam's Club. Alicia is more than ready to have that baby any day now and we just can't wait for a new "cousin" for our kids. We still don't know if it's a boy or girl. Hailey keeps telling us it's "girl baby in Alicia's tummy" and I think she's right. Time will tell! We capped off our Sunday night by Rob getting both kids to sleep again around 7 and me going to be shortly there after! I think we may have crossed over to the other side!! HIP HIP HURRAY! (I did have to get up a couple of times with the rug rats but not for very long this time...)
Ah, isn't life grand??


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