Monday, January 21, 2008

Two - that's the actual air temperature this morning when we woke up. Hip Hip Hurray! TWO degrees!
It is soo very nice to be above zero for once I could just holler to the heavens! It was a bitter cold weekend here in the cities - even colder back home in NoDak for our loved ones...The kids and I hunkered down and played - A LOT - this weekend. We didn't even leave the house from Thursday afternoon til this morning (Monday) when it was time for work! They didn't seem to mind - we survived - even without Daddy as he was gone to North Da-Cold-a.

R brought flowers for me (and Hailey) before heading out on Friday which were much appreciated. {Also much deserved I might add - last week he not only told me that I would never make it to Hollywood on American Idol with my voice, but that I was also too OLD - he ALSO responded "Not with you" When I asked him if he wanted to play Yahtzee with me! The NERVE! I love to play Yahtzee and he used to be such a good sport about playing with me...*sigh*}
Anyway - Hailey thought Rob was at a hockey game all weekend since that's where he was heading when she last saw him...She'll probably never let him go to a hockey game again now that she thinks they are three days long! She asked about him a lot - When she went potty on the potty chair yesterday - all on her own without my bugging her about it...I gave her money for her Piggy which she LOVES!! After putting her coins in her piggy she immediately asked..."Daddy go to work? Make money? Share with me? My piggy?" It's never enough money for her which I love - that's the Daddy's girl in her!!
Anyway - It's nice to have Daddy back - the kids actually both slept all night - and I actually got 9 hours of sleep (somewhat interupted thanks to our mangy mutt and his skin conditions but still - the best night of sleep in ages...
Now, if we could just warm up this weather a little!!


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