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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rob and Jeff

Brooksie and I (and Micah and Brent!)

So today's entry is again one of asking to keep a family in your thoughts and prayers. Our friend Brooksie (Jeff Brooks) - Rob's friend from forever ago - lost his dad unexpectedly yesterday. Bob Brooks was just 61 years old - died of a heart attack during a procedure at Altru - the hospital of death. Why does it seem that we know so many people that go into that hospital healthy and just never make it out of there? I feel so bad for Jeff (and for his three brothers and especially his mom.) It's never easy that is for sure - but when a person isn't even OLD and it happens so suddenly. It just breaks your heart. Bob's passing has been all over the news back home in Grand Forks as he was a member of the city council. He was a well-respected member of the GF community and his presence will be missed. It has really had me thinking over these last 24 hours - if I died suddenly what would people be saying about me?? I know I wouldn't be breaking news - front page news, most likely not even news. I also can't help but wonder if there would be as many nice things said about me - or at this point - ANY nice things said about me!! I do know that I have really changed a lot over the past few years - I am really out of touch with the world, my old world anyway - I've become a hermit!! Between two somewhat difficult pregnancies resulting in two very busy kids (one a little easier to handle than the other) and managing an almost full time "real" job, motherhood and just everything else - I've lost a huge part of myself along the way - I barely have time to get into the shower some nights before Derek is waking up much less get myself any "me time." I have all but lost touch with a lot of people who mean a lot to me. As I say my prayers for Brooksie and his family I reflect on my life and think about my new years' resolutions - I have a lot of them I want to work on. Finding myself is the key - Getting back out in the world with my friends - at least a little - taking some of this weight off...those are good places to start. I know I need to work on my patience level - that's a biggie right now. It's tough when I'm getting 2-3 hours of interupted sleep each night - I am pretty tired and run down right now - but I can, and I will get myself back to who I was and who I want to be. Again, please say an extra prayer for the Brooks family tonight and remember to hug your loved ones - Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are, before it's too late.


banger17 said...

I never knew you had done this. I just ran across it looking up stuff on my dad. I appreciate it alot and thank you for being such a good friend.


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