Lion's Tap Virgins...

Monday, January 5, 2009

I know - I know - Our next door neighbor and dear friend is a manager at this place and we'd still never been...I don't know was DEEELICIOUS!
We'll definately be going back...SOON!

Leave it to my hubs to get THIS burger!! Some of the others ordered TWO which I thought was a bit strange - but after watching my man try and eat this thing...we understood why!

We were able to sneak away sans kidlets (THANKS TAMMY - AGAIN!) for a few hours and join Matt and a few friends for a burger and a couple of pitchers of beers - The food was great, the company even better! (But doesn't it figure that R's cell phone rang off the hook with a *problem* at their office - a minor flood due to the rain/above freezing temps we were experiencing...All was not lost however, he did NOT end up going into the office that night til the wee hours of the morning as a few coworkers did, and now has an office located ABOVE ground vs. the sub sub basement he's spent the last 9 years in!)

(Thanks for letting me steal a couple of pics Laurie and Nancy!!)


Kate said...

Wow - serious burger!

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