Damn Groundhog!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I sure hope he's not right...I'm not sure I can take six more weeks of winter...

Did you catch the superbowl commercial with the woman in her car screaming?? That is how I have felt on far too many days this winter trying to commute too and from my delightful J.O.B.

I don't know what it is but with the slightest of road conditions around here - people just get stupid.
The kids and I try to pass the time in the car by playing games...one of our favorites is "I spy" Go ahead and play THAT game in the dead of winter in Minnesota - I dare you. It's over before it begins...I spy with my little eye ~ something GRAY, something BLACK, something BROWN, and occassionally, something WHITE if the snow isn't already dirty and gross...on rare occassions we see a school bus that you just KNOW underneath the muck is yellow - but everything else - it all looks the same covered in a sheet of drab...

I will be glad when spring finally arrives!! I have big ideas for spring and summer this year...including lots of new gardening ideas and several vacations...

Bring it on ~ I'm ready!


Andrea M. said...

Hey Darc! I wasn't happy about the damn groundhog either...but Patrick Hammer said we should be "happy" if there's only 6 more weeks of winter! And anyway, he's only right 37% of the time!
P.S. I am LOVING the gardening thing too! Is it sad that rather than getting excited about summer to come for the trips to Homme and covering ourselves with baby oil to head to the pool that we can't wait to garden?!?! Oh, we're growing up so fast :) Andrea

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