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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Well, we survived our first *official* night of dance class...We barely got there - but we did...and we survived. (Pictures to come later...) I've been hard pressed to find a dance class that fit MY needs...Most around these parts are very structured, competitive, scheduled for the stay-at-home parent variety AND expensive...

Plus, I don't even know how much H will enjoy a real dance class - sure, she loves to shake her booty and mimic the dancers she sees on tv...but in real life it might be different - and I don't want to find out to the tune of $20/hour x a 12 week committment that she doesn't like it!

It took a lot of convincing for her to even GET in the car to go - she just kept saying 'I'M NOT GOING!' you'd of seriously thought she was 13 not three - and that we were making her go scrub toilets or something...Even when we got there - she took a seat on the sidelines and enjoyed a blueberry muffin I had packed while the other little girls ran around excitedly. It turns out, that she was nervous about going 'up the rope' ~ we had gone to that gymnastics open house a few weeks ago and the older girls were all crazy swinging from the ropes on the ceiling - and while it was cool to watch - H thought she was going back to the same place and would be climbing the rope!!

As soon as all the girls joined hands in a circle in the middle of the room - she was in. She took off like a flash of lightning and enjoyed the first 30 minutes of class...and then...when Miss Lauren got out the tumbling mats and asked who knew how to do somersaults...we had a little scare.
H pipes up..."oh I do I do I do! My brother and me do!" She then hurried and tried to get the little brother - only to realize for the first time - that he wasn't there with us (he and Daddy were off doing their own thing) "Mommy! WHERE. IS. DEREK?" she demanded to know from across the room. "He's fine honey - he's with Daddy" I told her...took me a few minutes to convince her and then she was on her merry way...
When Daddy and D showed up to watch the end of her dance class - she excitedly ran to greet them and in her best little mommy/big sister voice ask him if he'd like to join in with her!
ACK it was so cute I could just eat her up! Of course, after the 45 minute class was over she DID NOT want to leave - I hope things go a little more smoothly next week in terms of getting out the door, etc etc ... but it sure was fun - chaos and all!
Thank goodness we don't have to try and wrangle her into a little tutu (yet!) as it's just a very casual dancing/jumping around class...But I wonder if it would be overkill to have her wear her red pettiskirt that I just love love love??


Amelia Sprout said...

I really don't get the competitiveness that happens around here with those kinds of classes. I also don't get the scheduled for SAHM thing either. We have a huge percentage of working moms in this state, yet limited options for preschool classes.

Mary said...

That is the sweetest thing -looking for her little brother! I can only hope our two get along so well. And that flickr series of pictures (that red pettiskirt!) are gorgeous!

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