From the Mouths of Babes...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ah, from the Mouths of Babes!

I am pretty good about remembering to write things down in their journals - but some stuff is just too good to keep to ourselves...

A couple of weeks ago - after tubby time - D looks at H and in ALL SERIOUSNESS ~ says to her in a hushed, bewildered tone..."Hailey - your penis!! It's...............GOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNE!"
The poor kid, even though he KNOWS all about the differences between girls and boys ~ just wasn't exactly sure what was going on...

Apparently last week I wasn't the only one at my wit's end either because while Daddy was at softball - H was trying to watch a movie while D kept on pushing the buttons on his Mickey Mouse Airplane (which was really pushing his big sister's buttons!) She looks at me - dead serious - and says - "Mommy - I think you should grow another baby brother in your tummy - Then we can give this one away right?" ~

Not two days later I hear hear say to him "Shut that damn thing off ~ or take that damn thing downstairs"
Oy!! MOTY I am not.

Lately I've been even more exhausted than usual and the worst part is - we haven't DONE anything extra or different - what I wouldn't give for some good old fashioned family to give a girl a break ~
I'm not saying it wasn't cute - cuz coming out her her 3 year old little mouth it sure was - but it also reflects on me as a parent -
Here's to a better week!

And here's an extra special shout out to Auntie Betsy & Uncle Denny next door - since Betsy sensed my breaking point, and D's...was very very near - and she took BOTH of the kids into her pool and she and Denny entertained them while I was able to unwind with my new found green thumb!
Thanks Betsy - you have no idea how grateful we are...ALL of us!


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