Hot Time - Summer in The City...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spent Saturday on the Run Run Run - starting off with a party celebrating a very special graduate...She (along with 'uncle Jason') entertained the kids in the bounce house...Hard to believe she is graduating High School - and the other thought that kept clouding my mind was the fact that her mom, who passed away this February - was the same age as me...I can't imagine having a kid graduate from High School! I can't even imagine my own daughter going to kindergarten much less college!

Anyway ~ Ashley and Jason were soo good to our kids - & they had a great time...

From there we went to the Hastings Car Show - a favorite past time for our family during the summer months ~

We even brought Baby Ryan along - I sort of felt like he was a Flat Stanley - in every picture I took that day! I was trying to get him OUT of the picture - and you'd think it'd be easy since H kept asking me to hold him as her arms were tired from carrying him all day long! HA! don't I know the feeling!

They had some old school cop cars...

And it was public safety night - always a fav when the kids can climb into the service vehicles and check them out!

Firefighter Bridget took D inside the ambulance - he thought she was pretty cool!

And what is the Hastings Car Show without BIRTHDAY CAKE ICE CREAM!!

Yum ~

It was one of those days where we tried to do too much in one day, kids were over tired and hard to wrangle in during the car show ~ but fun was had all the same ~ looking forward to the next time we can get out to the car show and take it all in and enjoy it a little bit more - and maybe even get a sitter for Baby Ryan!!


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