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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

After leaving the Andersons' Cabin we headed about an hour north to Grandma Betty's lake retreat for a night...

Life is simpler here, in lake country...

Many things can lie around untouched...

And there is a sense of calm that washes over a person ~ especially when the lake is like glass.

I'm not sure there is any sound quite like that of the Minnesota Loon on a calm Minnesota Lake morning...

We spent time playing at the waters' edge - since you know, it was crappy out.

Grandma Betty & D

And we did some fishin' with
Poor Man's Fishin' Poles ~

And they do not share their moms hatred of lake muck -

It was fun to scoop it up and move it around - bleck!

Grandpa Tim looks over the waters with the kids - with nary a ripple except from a passing boat.

D waits patiently for the new walkie talkies to be unpackaged from Grandma & Grandpa...what a HIT! For months the kids have been trying to talk into the baby monitor from downstairs to upstairs ~ to no avail obvioulsy! Walkie Talkies are just the thing!

Friday night at the bar - cousins!
(though at age 11 - Maddie would prolly rather be anywhere on Friday night than with her little cousins! HA!)

Enjoying the healthy awesome take out from the resort's restaurant AKA - bar!

Grandma Betty & the grandkids...

And what beats late night resort dinner but early morning breakfast in the camper?

D was definately at home at the lake...

The kids had a blast hangin' out on the quad - it doesn't even have to be moving!

How do you work this thing?

It was nice to get away - I wish we could do it more often - but five + hours one way in the car isn't exactly conducive for a weekend getaway -
Perhaps we can bribe Grandma Betty to move her retreat closer to us?
Or perhaps I need to start scouring for a place for us that is somewhat local to our home? Any ideas fellow Metro Dwellers?


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