Emma Krumbee's...Friday Fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What an October!!

Record high temps, sunshine, no rain, more importantly...NO SNOW!

We took full advantage of the glorious weather to visit one of our favorite fall places...

Oh how we LOOVE visiting Emma Krumbee's -

It has become a family tradition for us each fall -

Our 2008 visit is blogged HERE and HERE
And our 2009 visit can be found by clicking HERE

The hubs took a rare Friday off and joined us...

(He and his princess with the Cinderella Scarecrow!)
And some of the other Scarecrows for their annual Scarecrow contest were pretty impressive this year as well!

Cat in the Hat & Thing 1 & Thing 2!

Some dear friends met us out at Emma Krumbee's and the boys jumped right in with Buzz & Woody!

We love how much there is to do once you are inside the door - even if the John Deere trikes are getting a bit run down...(Poor kids - the seats kept sliding all the way down the back to the ground!!)

I'm not sure what was so funny - but they sure had a great time together!!

We wandered around the pumpkin patch -
Where just like last year, one of the true highlights was the lady bug friends...

And then wandered back to the 'main land' via the Apple Orchard...Most of the good apples were already picked off of the trees -

But D did find one worthy of eating...
And then we ventured in for some more yummy treats...
Ah. Life is so sweet...Especially with the sun is shining and great friends to share it with...
(The ever elusive photo of everyone looking at me and giving me a decent smile! HA!)
Do you have an annual Pumpkin Patch/Apple Orchard Tradition?
Where do you go???


RoseMillsOhio said...

Short sleeves on Oct. 28? I'm glad you got a photo of that!

Looks like everybody had loads of fun!

Anonymous said...

I love that place - we've only stopped a few times on the way back from Sioux Falls, but good food and lots of fun! Amy

Cop Mama said...

How fun! Looks like your kiddos had a blast.

Um, yeah...it's like 37 degrees here right now, so not so warm for us :-)

Stacie Raye said...

It has been an awesome October hasn't it?
Now, time for the holidays!

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