Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!~

Friday, October 22, 2010

A recent jaunt down a local highway had us stopping at this delightful roadside gem...

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!

Talk about eye candy! I wasn't sure where to look first!! This place was amazing!!

I could barely believe my eyes when I stumbled upon these!
REMEMBER THESE? CANDY CIGARETTES! This place had them for sale for .29 a box...I may or may not have bought myself one or two...They smell like my childhood...My dad used to take me to the movie theater where I'd get a box of candy cigarettes...there were two kinds...one nasty white candy one and one pink bubble gum one that you would blow and out would puff some sort of white powder...insane to think about kids and this type of candy...(My parents didn't even smoke!)
Looking back I cannot believe my Dad ever bought me these... I wonder if they were .29 a box back then?

There were home made beef sticks and beef jerky...AND PIES!
oh the fresh. baked. pies!

They smelled delish and were PIPING HOT! We brought home a fresh Carmel Apple pie right out of their oven...It was all I could do to not break into it on the way home!
The kids enjoyed the specialty pumpkins...

And I got a kick out of more things that reminded me of being a kid...

One of my all time favorite fall treats...

Definately a must-stop-in-and-see if you are headed south on 169...
What a treasure this roadside stop is~!


Mary said...

That looks pretty cool! I remember the candy cigarettes - the ends that were pink, like you really had a heater (yikes!).
I noticed "BACON" on the front of the sign - just to cover all bases, eh? Looks like a good find :)

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