Holiday Card - 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I had SUCH a hard time narrowing down our Christmas Card this year!
This is the first of 2 selections for our 2010 cards...
Am I crazy for doing 2 different cards?

How do you choose?

Paper Snowflakes Christmas 5x7 folded card
Shop for elegant Christmas photo cards.
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RoseMillsOhio said...

What a great shot!
There are so many beautiful cards available now, but I always find myself drawn to the ones that depict the humble manger scene. A reflection of the true meaning of Christmas--I guess that's what I base my selection on.

Now when it comes to the photo of our kids--which I always add to the envelope--the candid shots invariably turn out better than the posed ones. I've yet to get them together in front of my camera this year, and I hear the clock ticking.....!

Unknown said...

Just remember my address! My family loves seeing your Christmas card-those Capouch's sure love you! Me too! Btw this is adorable...

Unknown said...

That is REALLY cute!

I only do one card design. I'd prolly do 2 if we did alot of Hanukkah cards... but we don't.

Some years, I do a "happy new year" design, and mail 'em a little later, just to be different. :-D

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