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Monday, December 27, 2010

While I'm not a fan of traveling for the holidays - I knew that this year it would be important to do so, so that we could be with family.

The weather forecast changed on us - and we had to quickly throw things in the truck and head out a day earlier than planned - and it was a good thing too - because Mother Nature sure comes with a fury this time of year. (Who needs pajammas, make up or a hair dryer anyway?)

Winter roads made for a, shall we say, interesting?? trip back to North Dakota?

Once we got there, all was right with the world - as the hubs made a run to The Red Pepper -

And while we can get it here at our local grocery store - they don't stock it here like they do there!

We brought Bmann along - though he's getting up there in age and it's tough to get in & out of the truck...I think this was his last trip *home* - He just does better at home these days! :(

Christmas came & went very quickly, even without squeezing in Mass and the other things that go along with Jesus' birthday -

Simple gifts were huge hits this year - and that will forever be important to me...(Please let them always love simple gifts!)

One of the first things D opened were these glow in the dark gloves...and for the next long while - he was content to hang out wearing the gloves, and could have cared less if he ever opened another gift.

In the morning, Santa had been to Grandma's - because he knew that we weren't at home.

Our little tool man got himself a new set of tools - upon seeing it - he said - 'Oh, I didn't even know I wanted these! But now I DOOOO!'

Seriously - A. Frackin'. Dorable!!

We ought to get all of our home improvement projects done in no time now!!

And as soon as we got to Grandpa Larry's on Christmas Day...the kids got right to work on Grandpa's home improvement!

The other awesome 'big' Santa present...?

Light Saber's of course!

(Santa also brought Monster Trucks (matchbox sized), dry erase markers, new toothbrushes, gumballs, junior mints and other essentials!)
The highlight of the Santa stop for the girl?

A new baby doll!!

Equally loved from Santa - a Little People Castle with a Repunzel the size of a Polly Pocket!

After Santa stopped, we headed to Grandpa's house -

We don't spend as much time with them as we'd like to -
(3 Generations of Gust Boys)

but you'd never know it when we're there...the kids had a great time - and I think it's safe to say that Grandpa & Grandma haven't lost the touch when it comes to picking out gifts for the pre-k crowd!
Upon opening this gift - D yelled out 'CRISS CROSS CRASH!'
I had never heard of such a thing - but he certainly had!

I love watching my boys playing together -

D helps Grandma Tammy open her gift - though the camera angle is just so that it looks like he's opening H's GRAND gift -

A life sized Repunzel Doll!

We almost needed to get an extra car seat to get her back home with us - but...she made it safe and sound!

Our visits were short & sweet - and just as quickly as we arrived, it was time to head back home.
Mother Nature provided us her escort of blowing snow once again...

And now, we've got plenty of new toys to keep us busy until spring!
I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas...


Soupy said...

Red Pepper and Village hot sauce! You must be from GF!! My hubby is!
Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Rapunzel!! How cool is that. I am glad you made it there and back safe, so glad you were able to go.

darcie said...

@Soupy - I'm not but my hubs is! I can't BELIEVE yours is too! Wow! Small small world!
(I'm from 40 miles north of there! the REALLY frozen tundra!)

Anonymous said...

found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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