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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(this has been floating around in my drafts for a few weeks now...playing catch up...bear with me...)

Almost 1 million Americans will be blowing out birthday candles October 5 ~ the most common birthday in the United States, according to a survey conducted by AnyBirthday.com.

On any given day, an estimated 750,000 Americans celebrate a birthday, but today, more than 960,000 will celebrate their special day, according to AnyBirthday.com.

Among them are some famous faces, including Julie Andrews, Kate Winslet, Bernie Mac and Nicky Hilton.

And...our baby girl - Hailey Elizabeth!

Well, she was actually born on October 4th, at 10:47 pm...so it was pretty darn close!

Her actual due date was October 7th...so she came pretty darn close to that date...

Unlike her little brother who made his debut 3.5 weeks early (at a whopping 8 pounds 13 oz)

Why is October 5 such a popular day for babies’ entering the world? One possible explanation is that the length of an average pregnancy is around 274 days. Counting backward, the date of conception for October 5 babies would be New Year’s Eve.

Conversely, the website found that the most uncommon birthday is May 22, although it gave no explanation as to why. No correlation to anything whatsoever, but our wedding anniversary is May 21st! Ha ha!


Anyway - This post has no relevance to anything what so ever...

Just some interesting facts as we celebrate the 6th year of life of our little girl -


MamaBear said...

I actually DID know that - read it in a magazine years ago. The info must have stuck with me because Julia's birthday is October 2nd. We have MANY October birthdays in our family - just on my side of the family alone there are 10!

Looks like you had a lovely time celebrating H's birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

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