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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(I knew I was behind...but I had no idea I was THIS!!! behind!)
Because I blog it all so that I can blurb book it later, it doesn't really matter when I do it, just as long as I get er done...so, hang with me here would ya?

Anyhoo - We wrapped up our Learn to Skate session awhile back...I wish I had pictures and videos from the first night.  No actual skating going on, just a lot of sitting on the ice, trying to figure out how to even stand up, much less move anywhere.
It seemed silly to us that they give the kids a fresh sheet of clean ice before the beginners go on, but, whatever -
Nine weeks later and we came out unscathed - large part due to the bike helmets. Only once, were they imperative, but watching D wipe out with his head banging on the ice as he landed on his back proved that it was, indeed worth putting on the bike helmets week after week.
They were ecstatic to have passed! (or, was it ecstatic to be done with lessons? HA!)

Certificate of Achievement - and Tootsie Pops to Boot!
D makes friends EVERYWHERE he goes...No joke, but this little guy Niko was such a sweetie. They made fast friends at lessons and spent much of their time hanging out yapping like a couple of little old ladies.  By the end of the session though, they could race around the arena pretty well - considering.

I don't think we are going to be signing any NHL contracts anytime soon - but, you lose 100% of the shots you don't take right? It's our job to expose them to as many opportunities as we can. Some will stick, some won't ~ but we have to try.

Great job you guys. You didn't give up, even when it seemed like it would be easiest to do so. Week after week you went back, no matter how much work it was. Your hard work paid off, and just you wait. Life is going to be like that time and time again for you...but these lessons you are applying now, keep up the hard work, never give up, if at first you don't succeed...
These are all going to be useful as you grow older.

We love you both so very very much.


Unknown said...

Oh, I love this. I believe all Minnesota kids need to be rink rats.

The helmets are important when they are small and don't let any parent tell you that they aren't needed.

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