From the Mouths of Babes...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have to put these down before I forget them...
I haven't been so great at keeping track of these lately - life has just been too busy!
Sometimes I email them to myself but then they sit here - so...

It's time for a little kids say the darndest things...

  • 'Mom? Do you have to get married when you grow up? Cuz I don't ever want to get married or grow up'  
  • 'Hey Mom? For breakfast, I think I'll just have nachos. Or maybe a little salad.' 
  • 'Mom - when I'm in HS will you still be my mom?'
  • 'Mom, when will tomorrow be ready?'
  •                 Derek - November 2011 - Just shy of 5 years old

    HA HA!

    • Mom, if the package man comes, I promise I won't open the door.'
      • Derek, I have to sign for the package so I have to open the door ~ (me)
      • 'Oh, does it have to be in cursive? Cuz I can sign not in cursive for you' 
        • - Derek, age 5, February 2012

    • If Dad says it's right, it's probably right - because you weren't in college for as long as he was. And college is where you learn everything. Right?
          • Hailey Gust, age 6, May 2012 


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