Explore Minnesota - Valley Fair Style

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We've been busy this summer - mostly with StayCations...

& why not?
There is so much to see and do here!

One of our favs, is ValleyFair!
& we recently had the chance to spend the day there with our (extended) family!!

Bless her heart - The teenage niece posing for pics with Snoopy and her little cousin on a recent family outing to ValleyFair!

I bet she didn't know that picture would wind up here! Sorry M! ;) 

 She was so gracious and humored our girl...
Especially nice since our son has decided he's pretty much over all things ride related.


And the very same season that our girl is finding herself more adventurous?
More willing to let go of her inhibitions?
He'll come around I'm sure...

 And it was super fun to see everyone having a GREAT time!
Ride after Ride...some big, some not so big ~ 

I distinctly remember last summer - when my hubs dared to go on the Steel Venom ride with our young neighbor girl K - and he said, never, ever again...

Well, it turns out, he couldn't resist riding it again with our niece! Thank heavens, because none of us were getting on that thing!

All in all, a fantastic day.

And I even snuck a few shots in for my other project ~ Project Me. Project You!

I can't get over how quickly summer has come and almost gone! I had big big plans, but it's hard to get away when there is so much to see and do right here in our own backyards! 
Where is the summer going!

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Stacie Raye said...

Looks like you had a great time. It's odd to see Snoopy at Valley Fair instead of MOA though. Oh well, have to get used to it.

darcie said...

It was fun! And for SURE - Snoopy at VF? I much prefer the Peanuts to Spongebob though! :)

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