Mother of the Year - All wrapped up!

Monday, August 13, 2012

So, last week we had the luxury of having my Mother in Law stay with us ~

Oh, sure, she's been here before, and stayed a day or two or three here or there -but, it's mostly been for celebrating holidays and such...
This time, she came to spend time with our kiddos, while the hubs and I worked.

I'm pretty sure this is a tiny glimpse of what heaven must be like - every day our kids got to sleep in & hang out with Grandma.
The hubs and I got to get our work in at the office - and when we came home - the kids were happy & the house was clean.

::Cue the angel choir::

Anyhoo -
This is where I get my Mother of the Year Trophy all wrapped up -

For any of you thinking you might have a shot? You might as well give up.

So - From the Mouths of Babes...

It's about 10 pm one night, the kids are lying in our bed (they should have long been asleep), and I'm out in the living area talking to my husband - We're bantering back and forth, as we often do, and as I turn to head into the shower, I jokingly say 'You're a jackass'

10 steps later, as I'm heading into the bathroom, I hear our six year old say 'What's a jackass?' 



So, I try and explain to her & her brother that Jackass is a naughty word - it means the same thing as donkey - and donkeys are stubborn like Daddy was being - so I called Daddy a Jackass - and even though I was joking - I still should have used better words. (YIKES!)

The kids were content with that answer and that was the end of that...

Until, the next morning - I open my email to find one from my MIL -

SUBJECT:  Donkey

And in the email, it simply read:

'My Mom called my Dad a Jackass last night. It's another name for Donkey.'

Turns out, our son couldn't wait to tell Grandma about this ~

I could just hear his adorable lil voice - telling her just the facts. No more. No less.

I laughed and I laughed and I laughed - So did my Mother in Law. (Thankfully!)
The hubs? I think he laughed too?

Ah, five year olds and their mouths!

I wonder where they get this stuff???

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Robin said...

Nothing makes me rethink my behavior like having one of my kids repeat it. I'm glad everyone was able to laugh it off. Whew!

Happy Sharefest!

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