Minnesota's Largest Candy Store -

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We are so lucky to live near this gem, it's almost a tragedy we don't get there more often than we do.

Seeing the big yellow 'barn' will make anyone's day...

 Walking around this store brings me back to my childhood...
Reminding me of things I didn't even remember existed.
 & also reminding me of things I KNEW existed, but still could hardly believe it!
The one with the sweet tooth in our house never has trouble finding amazing things either!
 And some stuff we come across - 
Well, they mostly leave us shaking our heads.
 I couldn't bring myself to actually buy one of these...but I still do wonder how they taste.
Bacon Lollipops?
Aye Aye Aye!

 One thing I'm not afraid to buy, however, is the WARM, homemade Apple pies.

 The homemade signs should tell you just how amazing these things are ~ 
this advertising really SAYS something.

It says homemade deliciousness!

And after our annual stop at Minnesota's Largest Candy store - 
It was time for a quick visit to everyone's favorite...

Emma Krumbies.
 While not quite as warm as last year, our girl still insisted on Capri's and her cowgirl boots - 
A step in the right direction from last year's nightgown attire no?

Not great - but better than nothing right?

 It was a tough year for crops, not to mention we went at the end of the season this year too - 
I've seen the Orchards look better...

But chilly weather and mostly dead trees didn't stop us from making memories and having fun - 
We love the fall!

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OMG - she is SO cute. I love the outfit.

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