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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Way back when during the school year, the boy did a self portrait of himself in art class - 

I mean really, for a 6 year old, the likeliness was pretty uncanny, via some construction paper, paint, and yarn, no?

Well, when I shared it, we got some great feedback, and one of our friends who appreciates the finer art in life asked if he could commission Derek to do one of these portraits of him...

I asked Derek what he thought...
and he, in his usual laid back fashion said
'Sure, I guess so'

I put all the art supplies on the table, and let the kids get to work
(both of them, because generally, where one is, you'll find the other...) 
I busied myself with other stuff, and they crafted ~ 

'Mom! Come and take some pictures of my portrait so far.  
Just in case Matt ever wondered what he'd look like bald, now he can know!'

Good idea buddy! Thanks!

*** I love love love how with today's technology, a camera is only seconds away at any given time via smart phone.  I was able to snap these pictures with my Droid Incredible 4g in seconds, without interruption to my little artists, or to me, trying to multitask while they worked! ***

(And, now you know Matt, in case, you know, you ever were wondering what you'd look like bald...)

The finished product, pretty darn great, says the biased Mom!
(If you don't know Matt, you can read more about his book here...)

And just when I thought that was some pretty awesome likeliness, and it would be pretty tough to recreate something this amazing, our girl wrapped up her project...

And while it's different, it also resembles an uncanny portrait of Matt!

Ah, through the eyes of a child!

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Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Those are some great works of art. Super impressed.

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