Severs Corn Maze - Family Fun with Verizon

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Every fall, we have a few 'traditions' if you will.

One of those traditions is Sever's Corn Maze!
We just love heading out to Sever's as a family, and this year - 
We brought friends!

Thanks to our good friend Albert from Provident Partners
we were able to spend an afternoon at Sever's Corn Maze, with friends.

Albert is someone who likes pictures and videos as much as myself!

Even though I feel like a goof where video is involved...
I agreed to be interviewed, in a corn field!

Albert set up a little tutorial by local photographer Cary Rothschild
A person can never have too many tips and pointers for taking good photos, 
so we sat on haybale benches and learned a thing or two or ten.

After that, we wandered the corn maze for a pit ~ 

(Fun fact, Corn Mazes Stress. Me. Out!)

Sever's Corn Maze has this amazing Corn Pit.
This may sound weird to some of you, reading in other parts of the country - but here in the great state of Minnesota, in the fall, one of the favorite past times, is jumping in, swinging into, playing in...giant pits of corn!

Albert asks me about my photo taking...
And here's the thing, important things happen in life every. single. day.

For me, it's important not just to document the 'milestones' if you will.
Sure, new Babies, Birthdays, & Band Concerts are important, 

but so are lots of other things...

I'm not always comfortable in my own skin, getting in front of the camera, 
but it's so so sooo important.

I try my best to do it a couple/few times each month, and I document that here.

I cannot tell you how many times I've read back on my very own blog & said 
'oh my gosh! remember that! I totally forgot that!'
That's why this here blog serves such a HUGE purpose for me and for my family.
We can look back and see that we came, we saw, we conquered.
Gone are the days of developing pictures a couple of times a year.

Take pictures every. single. day!!

Anyway - back to Sever's Corn Maze...
The day got away from us, and we ran out of time to do more of the amazing things out there...
But we did stop and visit a few of their cool exhibits...

The day, like the year has also done...
completely ran away from us...
but we had a great time.

And now, on to the next not-so-big but HUGE adventure!

If you'd like to see the finished product that Albert produced...

*** I was not compensated for this post, however, our admission to Sever's Corn Maze was covered, as was the use of various Verizon 4G phones to snap these photos. *** 


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