Howl-o-Ween 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

While I'm not a fan of Halloween...
The kids sure are, and it is, after all, all about the kids, isn't it?

This year, with the kids in a new school, they actually got to dress up and wear their costumes to school!

They dub it 'friendly monster day' and let me tell you, what a PARTY!
The hubs and I both took the day off from work and volunteered in the 2nd grade pod for their super exciting, all class party.
I snapped this terrible cell phone picture of the group at the end.

So, Halloween kicked off pretty amazing for the kids (who were incidentally up at 6 am, raring to go!)

The kids and I looked high and low for costumes and couldn't find anything we all agreed on.
Too junky. 
Too skanky.
Too expensive.
Too cheap.

We finally ended up ordering online, and the costumes arrived at our house, 
While neither of these costumes were my first, second, or third choices, 
it's not about me, it's about the kids.
I'm actually pretty pleased with how it all came together.
They sort of 'matched' - even though it was accidental, 

I think the face paint,
 that they did themselves,

 really brought the outfits together, don't you?
My hubs said he really liked that their costumes were more 'traditional' with Halloween, 
not as new age and trendy as so many costumes were.
Good point...I hadn't thought of that - but it's a great point!

The neighbors all came together for the annual cul de sac festivities...

And we set out with the kids to see what we could see.

I think it's safe to say it was a pretty successful night,
don't you?

Yes, she has far less than he does.
While she's the one with the sweet tooth, she wasn't up for the random ringing of the doorbells.

The Mummy costume almost didn't make it to Halloween, since he wore it the weekend before for party.
The package said
across the top, which scared me a little bit, but I figured, why would we need to?

I didn't take into account the pre-Halloween costume party.
Grass stains on the knees and butt.
Mud splatters up the back of the pant legs.
The smell of bonfire...
how does one get that out?

ESPECIALLY, if they can wear costumes to school?
You can't go to school smelling like that...

Well, some fresh air, some febreeze and a little elbow grease made it wearable for school, 
and on All Hallows Eve, would it really matter?

As long as fun was had, that's what we aim for.
Won't be wearing this one three years in a row, that's for sure!

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