Valley Fair for Family Fun ~

Monday, October 28, 2013

For several years running, we've purchased Valley Fair Season Passes.

This year was no exception.
We started out the year strong, going to ValleyFair for a an hour here, 
a couple of hours there, most weekends.
That dwindled off as life got busier.
Going just twice with a season pass and you've more than recouped the cost of the pass.

With the season quickly wrapping up, we decided to head out for one last mini-adventure.

Both kids have somehow shot up in height...

I love that, because then Mom (and/or Dad!) doesn't have to go on all of the rides with them.

I love that they have each other, and they love to buddy up too!

Besides that, apparently I'm really not allowed to ride all the rides anymore anyway.


No, it's not the last one, though I'm really not TOO old for that one...
But apparently I'm old enough for this one.

Anyhoo, in the season of living outside the box and trying new things, 
we went in search of great adventure, 
and great memories.

Some of the greatest memories are created in an hour here, an hour there.

Memories that will last a lifetime.

*** All pictures in this post were taken with the Verizon LG G2 - Unedited, camera phone shots on these taken from below swing pictures? That's pretty incredible! ***

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Soupy said...

we had season passes, too, and loved them! My girls loved the rides (at night was the best for a few hours) and the wave pool! We just purchased for next year!

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