Halloween Cake Pops!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We are no stranger to Cake Pops in our house...
It's a fun activity for us, for treat making...

All you need to do is bake up a little cake...
Crumble it into pieces...
Add a little frosting to the mix...
And start rolling!

It helps when you have rolling help...and I get mine by way of these two hooligans.
Of course, ever since I made cake pops with Jess, I can't stop thinking about her Heavenly Cake Pop Roller, and how I must get myself one of those!!
For now, child labor will have to do!

We melt up a little Candy Melt...

And Voila!
Little Monsters!

Cake Pops don't ALWAYS have to go on a stick...
Sometimes they are just as cute in a dish on the Party Table too!

But if you do want to display your cake pops on sticks, and you don't roll your cake balls as large as we do, then check out my DIY Cake Pop Stand post!

Pretty simple and can add quite the POP to your table!

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