Super Bowl Sunday with Cub Foods!

Friday, January 31, 2014

This Sunday, football fans will come together to watch the Seahawks and Broncos battle it out for the NFL title in the one of the world’s biggest sporting spectacles.

 But let’s face it – Super Bowl Sunday is just as much about enjoying delicious food
 as it is watching the Big Game ~ and the big commercials!
(Truthfully, the ONLY reason I tune in!)
As they watch Super Bowl XLVII, it’s estimated that Americans will consume more than:

With all those treats, it’s easy to see how the weekend’s food bill can quickly add up.

Luckily, for hosts across Minnesota, Cub Foods has plenty of tips to throw a party featuring game-winning food without fumbling when it comes to budget.
Here are just a few unique, delicious – and affordable – on-trend Cub Foods menu ideas for under $35 for a party of 8-10 people that won’t break the bank and are perfect for fans looking for something more than the run-of-the-mill potato chips and frozen foods:
·       Chipotle Sliders
·       Chili Cheese Fries
·       Awesome Guacamole
·       Zippy Cheese Spread

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl recipe?

Share your favorite recipe or recipe link in the comments below,
 for your chance to win one of two Cub Foods gift cards!

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 *** In exchange for sharing some of Cub Foods easy recipes, I will receive a Cub Foods gift card to help off set the cost of trying out some of these fun recipe ideas. Gift cards to two winners will be provided by Cub Foods. ***


LauraJJ said...
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LauraJJ said...

Oh one of my favorites is the Tortilla Rollups! We make these all the time without the onions, and I use corn tortillas to keep them gluten free! One of our favorites!
landfjacobson @

Unknown said...

wagon wheel taco pasta salad! So good!

Unknown said...

I really like my pickle dip:

1 package cream cheese
1 package ham
1 jar pickles
8oz of sour cream

Cut up the pickles and ham in a food processor
Then mix the cream cheese and sour cream in.
You can add some pickle juice too, if you want!

Serve with Ritz!!

Way easier then making all of the pickle roll ups!

Soupy said...

We make it simple:
1 block of cream cheese
1 can of chili w/out the beans
mix it up and voila: chip dip.
It's not MY fave, but my hubby and his pals love it.

Me, myself, I prefer things more like this:(it is SO yum!)

Veggie pizza app.

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