Easter Egg Dyin'

Friday, May 2, 2014

Even if no one around these here parts eats them...

Doin' the whole hard boiled Easter Egg dying is a right of passage, a tradition, for so many others.
Us included.

I simply melt when I look back over the years at the fun we've had coloring Easter Eggs.

Derek age 2, Hailey, age 3.

and now, fast forward, (VERY FAST FORWARD...what a BLUUUUUR!)
to 2014.

Now the 7 year old needs no help.
And incidentally, no longer licks the eggs after they've been dyed! HA!

And the resident 8 year old is all creative and crafty with her 'birthday eggs' ~

Sometimes it feels like just another thing we have to do, these 'traditions' ~ 
But the kids love doing it...
and I love doing things with the kids.

We are creating memories, traditions.
That's important to me...

Things come and things go...
but this time together...it's important we spend together, and spend it wisely.

Even if there are a billion and one other things to do...

Slowing down, if even for an hour is so very very important.

I hope that this Easter finds you slowing down.
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