Kansas City Royals Experience vs. The New York Yankees

Friday, June 27, 2014

I've got some baseball lovers in my house, so when a recent family vacation/road trip coincided with my boys' favorite baseball team playing on the road - 
We knew we'd be taking in a ball game at 'The Cave' AKA - Royal's Stadium.

Kansas City Royal's vs. the New York Yankees!

It was a Friday in June, gorgeous weather - and what an experience it was!

We popped over to the stadium just after lunch, and the Royal's staff was already set up around the perimeter...
Turns out, people pull in early to tailgate...even on a Friday afternoon!
The staff couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating, telling us how to go about purchasing tickets for that night's game and then leaving with re-entry later, or just staying to hang out.

Let me tell you - that tailgating experience was something else!
I should've just been a good blogger and asked to snap some photos of some of the crazy fun groups -
 but, I didn't want to be that girl...(this time!)

People were grilling, eating, drinking, visiting, tossing bean bags, laughing!
Who doesn't love a good tailgate!
Next time, we are tailgating!

We got our tickets, just released that day for the upper deck, for about half price! 

We hung out for a bit, as there were lots of autograph seekers there waiting to catch someone famous...
It'd of been cool to run into someone, anyone, 
but we returned to our hotel down the street to drop down for a bit.

This guy may have been a little confused as to who he was cheering for, but he had a blast!

The Royal's Stadium has a whole area dedicated to kids behind Center Field.
A small field where kids can hit wiffle balls, a carousel, gift shop(s), batting cages, and so much more!

The fountains in the outfield are pretty cool in person...

These are the moments that help to shape the dreams of little boys everywhere!

We had hoped to catch a glimpse of someone famous during batting practice...

of course they are all famous, I suppose.

But the one we were hoping to see didn't swing the bat - BOO!

There's still time to catch him in the Bronx this year, maybe...

Regardless, we were all glad we got to see the Yankees play at Royal's Stadium.

After the game, there were some pretty cool fireworks on display over the stadium.
We couldn't have gotten a more perfect night if we had ordered it up ourselves!

There's something so summer about baseball...
when even if you don't love the game, it's hard not to love the experience ~ 

The family humored me for some late night family selfies outside the Royal's Stadium!
We all look forward to returning!

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