Visiting Grandma...Branson Style!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our visits are too few and far between, but we went over the river and through the woods...
to Grandma's new house, in a new state, we go!

The kids had a great time visiting Grandma Betty and Great Auntie Janis on a recent trip to Branson, Missouri!

Now that we've done it once, we have a better idea of how to do it again!

Stillwaters Resort, a show here and there, a KC Royals game...

We joke that the kids, ages 7 & 8, are almost as tall as Grandma is!

They are getting there!
That's for sure!

Won't be long and he'll have caught up to her (Grandma Betty...AND, his sister) once and for all!


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