Play Ball! Girls' Style!

Friday, June 20, 2014

This is our girls' first year playing organized ball - 

She's on a girl's softball team for grades 1 & 2, 
and be still my heart if they aren't the cutest things you ever did see!

The little troopers took their official team photos in the rain, because, well, 
let's just face it, it rained all. season. long.

Game Day?
Rain Day.

We lost out on a lot of games this season, due to Mother Nature throwing a fit.

The whole team, with Coaches Rob (YAY!) and Joe.

Her official Team Photos...
They turned out well, given the wet weather and circumstances!
We were VERY unorganized, considering we'd never head coached a team before, 
and had no idea just what or how much we were supposed to be doing!

A picture of a picture, because, hello...
Can't get my scanner to scan...

I'm not sure she loves the sport, 
though she doesn't hate it.

She's been getting some batting practice in with her Dad and her brother ~
you can't put a price on that!

I don't know what next season will hold...
If we'll have three Gusts sporting the #7,
 or any number for that matter, 
or not...

But just as we try to do for everything that life tosses our way, 
We'll live in the here and the now, 
and embrace it fully.

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