Happy 10 Year Wedding Anniversary...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.
X 10.
(well, 14+ really, if you count it all up, but hey...who's counting??)

10 years

10 years ago, May 21st, Rob and I said
'I Do'

It's really unfortunate that my wedding photos were done on film, because they are impossible to share.
I really need to take the negatives in somewhere and have them burned to a disc.
I can do that, I presume?
Anyway - 
Back to 10 years.

I really, really wanted 10 years to be a big celebration.

10 years of marriage is a big deal.
Not everyone gets to this point...

I thought we'd host a big huge party, celebrating the big 10 year anniversary.
We got shorted with time at our wedding reception, first of all hosting it in the evening, not an all day affair like it should've been, and then with several members of our wedding party having their cars broken into during our ceremony.

So...a party?

Take a trip together, my friends suggested.
Save the money you'd spend on a party, and go somewhere, do something!

Great idea!
But again...

Our actual anniversary had the hubs traveling for work, and our family double booked with softball games for our girl and baseball for our boy.
Thank heavens for neighbors who are closer than family that can help get people where they need to be!

Even still, I did not want this day to go by unnoticed...
but what do you buy someone who needs nothing?
What's a great 10 year wedding anniversary gift??

So the kids helped me to jazz up the living space in CELEBRATION!

I hit up the dollar store for some heart shaped balloons.

One red heard for every year we've been married...
and two gold stars, for the past, and the future.

And as tie downs for said balloons?

Various mini treat bags...

I'm sure there are other better places a person could set this up...
but we used our living room, where things are in a bit of disarray as we donated our furniture and brought our downstairs stuff up, for now...
But the kids had a ton of fun helping me put thing together...

And I enlisted their help marking some of the milestones we've encountered 
over the last 10 years of marriage...

~ In no particular order ~ 

(can you see the little hairs on his baby head! ACK! I die!)

Hailey and Rob have special date days to Cinnabon from time to time...
She marked it as something special...

For those not versed in 8 year old cursive...

'Happy Anniversary'

A few pictures, of pictures.
I can't even scan these right now...
Seriously, I must get on converting the negatives or old prints to digital!

My girls, loving on my man.

Happy Anniversary Rob...
Here's to many, many more!

More artwork from my Kiddos!
I LOVE kid art!

We look a little bit, um, scared? Sad??
After 10 years of married bliss, no?
Even the boy kiddo does, in these here pictures!
That's why it's important to commemorate these milestones with big celebrations...

We are often strapped for time, strapped for other things, but I wouldn't change a thing...
Well, maybe I'd slow time down some, if that were an option.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on 10 years...what a great way to incorporate the kiddos to help! Here's to 10 more! :-)

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