Baseball Season Finale - Championship Weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It was a great, albeit, BUSY!! summer of ball...

To me, though, that goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

Summer and Baseball and Little Boys...

We've come so so far from last year
Remember this???

What a difference a year makes!

I think it's safe to say the kiddos loved their coach - 

he IS pretty easy to love...
and quite a catch!

And this one here...
he's got my heart too...

The kids showed amazing teamwork this year.

Led by a great group of coaches and dedicated Dads.

It was super fun to play in a real tournament to cap off the season ~ 

And even more fun to bring home some hardware ~ 

Finishing the season in 3rd place - not too bad boys!
Pretty awesome, if you ask this biased mom!

This is the stuff that life is made up of.
The things that he, and I, will remember forever.

Because seriously - how could you forget these moments?
One dad, holding another dad AND holding a kid?
Awesome, and amazing.

As a mom, having to get everyone from here to there to everywhere...and still have to go to the job to pay the bills and get the groceries and do all the things, I won't lie, it was a long season, even if it was only 3 months long...but it was worth every rush to the field, every (second) dinner prepared after 9 pm.

Thank God for an amazing marriage and teamwork, both on and off the field.

Nice finish boys!

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