Snackin with Hormel Foods - Turkey Pepperoni!

Friday, May 22, 2015

You may or may not remember last summer, when I shared one of our favorite on the go snacks? 

Remember how great that works out?

 We still love that...and it's still a quick and easy go to...
But for our growing, needs a change-up, still filling snack...

We've moved on to - 

(Honestly, do you know how many recipes can incorporate pepperoni? The possibilities are endless!)

But my boy - he likes it just plain, straight up, right out of the bag!
(One for each hand, if a car trip is involved!)

When we buzz from one activity to another, 
or if the game involves a double header, these pillow packs of pepperoni are an essential part of his uniform!

I love that he can get something that will fill him up enough to tide him over, and we aren't driving through one fast food place after least not EVERY night!

Do you have a favorite on the go snack?
Share it in the comments!

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