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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've spent several years of my life working in restaurants...a tough job by any stretch of the imagination but a lot of it was fun, I made some awesome friends and it was great great money ~ One thing that really bugged me was the fact that in several of those restaurants...once one of those cute little 4 packs of crayons was opened from it's cellophane wrap...those crayons were 'dirty' and had to be tossed into the garbage!

(FACT: Crayons are a petroleum product, they takes years to biodegrade.)

ACK! Most of the time they hadn't even been USED!! I used to collect a lot of those crayons when I was a Restaurant Manager - shoe boxes full actually - and share them with my teacher friends and in hospitals around the area ~

I don't have access to as many crayons these days in my 'new life' but we do have crayons a plenty at our house. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this!!

Crayon Recycling and Recycled Crayons RAM is partnering with CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM™ to help Minnesotans recycle crayons. The CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM™ recycles old, rejected, broken crayons into fresh, new CRAZY CRAYONS™! The new crayons are in all different shapes, colors, and styles. Sorry, LAF Lines cannot reimburse for shipping, but for every pound of crayons sent to LAF Lines Ltd. for recycling, you will receive one CRAZY CRAYON™. For example, if you send in 50 pounds of unwanted crayons, you will get 50 CRAZY CRAYONS™ in return, as an effort to "close the loop".

For more information....
Check out CRAZY CRAYONS here!!


The Fritz Facts said...

Now that is pretty cool! I will definitely look into that! We always have so many crayons in this house.

Jenny Davis said...

What a great idea! I just went through the kids' crayon collection and chucked the yucky ones. They bite the tips off. Makes me nuts.

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