b-b-b-baby it's COLD outside!

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's been a chilly week here in Minnesota...

This is what happens when you leave your bag in your car overnight and get to work the next morning thinking you are going to be able to drink it!



Sorry to those of you who never got your Christmas cards! Those were in said bag with this can of pop!


Anonymous said...

Didn't this happen to you last year?? ;)

Buck said...

Perhaps the cards I never sent were in that bag too?!

ali said...

Mmmmm, frozen coke. i hope you ate it like that!

Rebecca said...

My cans of sparkling water burst - on my insulated porch!

Amanda said...

How sad that I know exactly what a pain this is... when I was *cough* younger it used to be beer I was hiding in my trunk! Sad. So sad. :)

Be blessed!

The Fritz Facts said...

That also happens when you leave your soda in the garage thinking it will be just fine.

Not so much. lol

Anti-Supermom said...

Those cards were never meant to be, just like the soda - and fyi I like to blame all bad things on the weather ;)

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