National Eagle Center - Wabasha, Minnesota

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I love searching out and discovering new places to visit - and if they happen to be of those trip on a tankful varieties...
All the better!

We headed south to Wabasha, Minnesota to the National Eagle Center ~ We had never been, and even though someone in our house has an unnatural phobia of birds, we headed out for some family fun.

The pretty bird that we got to see up close and personal, was Angel. 
What a beautiful creature she is.

Derek & I got the last 2 seats in the front row, while the more cautious members of our family took seats near the back of the room.
 They might of been on to something...
As Angel was getting a tish feisty, knowing she had some lunch just waiting for her...
 & then, she feasted (is that a word?) on Rabbit, right there, not 5 feet in front of us.
Thankfully, the Rabbit was 'prepared' & did not have fur, or eyeballs.
Who DOES that? Whose job, is to prepare the meals?


The visual is something else ~ 
but the sound? 
Oh, the sound!

It was still pretty amazing to see though. 
Up close and personal with nature.

We see Bald Eagles in the wild here pretty frequently, a few times a week at least, flying over the concrete jungle that is the Metro. To see them up close...that, that is something else.

They had us guessing how much this might bird might weigh.
I thought for sure 30-40 pounds.
Others did too.

Nope. Turns out, because these birds have over 7000 feathers, they are actually pretty light!
Light, as in, 6-10 pounds!

Their nests however, are quite a bit bigger and heavier.

Such majestic birds, they are.
 They barely even seem real, hanging out on their perches.
We were told they spend about 94% of their time in the wild perched, watching, so this is actually not a whole lot different than living in the wild, aside, of course, from soaring through the skies, catching their own dinner.
These birds cannot fly, for various reasons, so they are lucky enough to hang out at the National Eagle Center to live out their days.

 If you get a chance to visit the National Eagle Center yourself, I highly recommend it.
Admission was $8 for the adults, and $5 for the kids.

On the gorgeous drive down to Wabasha from the Twin Cities, we saw dozens of bald eagles in the wild, perched at the tops of trees, or swooping down and flying across the Mississippi, looking for lunch. I'm telling you - it's a sight that never gets old.

Before we left, we had an opportunity to have a family photo taken with one of the Resident Bald Eagles.  It doesn't even look real, does it?  Well, it was...and they actually had specific rules for how you get in to take the pictures with the bird. Follow the pattern on the floor so as to stay in/out of the line of sight of the Eagle.
I love how that bird is giving my husband the eye. 
I can't believe he stood there long enough to snap a couple of pictures!

This is the stuff that memories are made of!

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